Add an Instructions Box/Band (similar to title of phase)


As I’ve been working on building a case, I’m liking the concept of adding a band for “instructions” (between title of phase and the phase. It would help keep instructional text visually consistent from phase to phase. For now, I’m beginning to use gray shaded area at top created by using a table cell.


I don’t think this would be a huge change technically speaking. It’s more of a design consideration than anything. @jose - any thoughts on this?


No I think that would be an easy addition to the Edit Phase screen. If no instructions are added then we wouldn’t load them on the phase.


Isn’t this similar to what Kajal was recommending? Hey, isn’t it what I recommended for the sims?:relaxed:
Maybe it works like instructions for the case? Possible not there if it is empty? Not every phase needs instructions.


Might be good to build in message explaining the submit button too. Pete
had done good language for the message.


Put that in as a new idea so it doesn’t get lost.


An alternative might be to have an instruction plugin in CKEditor. Pretty easy to build but it would only work for HTML phases.


Yeah, I think adding in instructions to a phase would be cleaner. CKEditor tools are another layer of complexity we may not need here.


I just hope you will make it optional. I don’t want to have to provide instructions on each phase.


I agree that instructions shouldn’t show up on the phase unless there’s content added to them.


I looked in to adding this recently as I was going through some of the related files for another reason. This should be a simple addition.

@jose Do we want to move foward on designs knowing that? The back end should be straight forward.


Not sure how you prioritize changes/upgrades. I vote for fixing bugs before
adding new features (even if I was the requester of the feature). :slight_smile:


Totally agreed. It just happens that we’re tampering with the area of the code that would relate to this, so it may be a simple addition regardless. Low time sink to benefit ratio, I think.


James, if the tampering is also conducive to the “Submit” button
(instructions at the end of the phase), it will help some students to
clarify that “submit” will lock answers. Might be good to add a “placebo”
save button so they get that “submit” is different from save? Here’s the
note I’m adding to the middle school writing case at end:
Submit when you are ready to *lock *your answers. If you need a break, exit
the phase. ThinkSpace saves your work for you. When you return, pick
up where you left off.


I like the idea, but I think this is best to be a new idea added here for discussion.


This was the intention with adding that “Save & Exit” button to a phase.