Default menu to collapsed


We discussed having the left menu collapsed by default. Most of the time it is not needed when moving in and out of cases. It could be the space menu is collapsed but not the dashboard.


I agree that we should collapse it. First, we need to figure out a ‘label’ system to handle the question of “What does this button do?” We could start with just title=, but we’d probably want a more stylized version as well.

@jccamou What do you think?


Well to be honest I’m rethinking the whole nav approach of TS right now. I think at some point we’re going to have sections inside the app that are at a global level (e.g., 1 comment library instead of a library for each individual space) that will need to be at the same level as the dashboard. That starts to break the current design.

Going back to a global nav at the top of the page would fix this and also be a bit more mobile friendly. Might be outside of scope now but thought I’d mention it now that we’re talking about nav changes.


This is currently how it is - the library is already global.


As we think about this, we want to make sure we accommodate mobile/tablets.


Agreed. This should be a big focus for next round of design.

Right but only way to access the library is through a phase within a case in a space. And maybe that’s how it should be, since that’s when they’ll be using comments but if we do want to bring it out in the UI we’d need a spot for it on that nav.


I like the idea of the nav bar at the top, especially if it is floating. The current menu takes up too much space even though it can collapsed.



So, are we planning on officially starting a navigation redesign soon? Just want to make sure we have it mapped out in the roadmap appropriately.