Embedding youtube videos in HTML


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We are increasingly using YouTube videos as part of the instruction.
Currently we can embed an iframe and get the basic window. But often we
want to start and stop the video to show only a portion. There are
CKEditor YouTube plugins but they don’t have advanced controls. It
would be nice to have a plugin that allowed some more features. I can
build it but needed reactions.


You tube plug-ins have been mentioned before and that there is a cost attached to it - is there? I want to know more about this but yes, am for it.


Depends on what you are talking about. If you have a video on youtube, there is no cost. You can do video now with an iframe embed. If an instructor has a video not on youtube, they can create a channel on youtube and put it there and do the same.

If you wanted to avoid youtube or upload student submissions, James would have to build software to upload to youtube (there is an API) or contract with a video service which would cost. What is not advisable is to upload an mp4 directly and show it as you did in the student upload phase. There are significant performance and storage downsides to doing that.