How-To Create a Case


#How-to Create a Case

You must have owner permissions to create a case.

To create a new case in ThinkSpace do the following steps:

  1. Navigate to your space.

  2. Click on the Create Case button.

  3. Choose the option labeled Cases.

  4. Name your case and click the Next Step button.

  5. Choose an assignment template from the list that you would like to use. Learn about the different types of templates.

  6. Click on the Next Step button.

  7. This next page lists the phases that come with the template you selected.

    To add a phase simply click on the New Phase button at the top right and select a phase from the drawer.

    To edit the phase settings click on the Edit Settings link to the right of the phase name. Note: You will not be able to edit phase content until you have created the case.

    To delete a phase, click on the delete link on the right of the settings link and then confirm your deletion.

  8. When you are ready to proceed, click on the Next Step button.

  9. Choose the date and time to release the case to your students.

  10. Choose the date and time for the case to be due.

  11. Add instructions to give students some context.

  12. Once you are ready to proceed, click on the Next Step button.

  13. Confirm the information.

  14. If something is wrong or missing, click on the edit button for that section to be taken to that step.

  15. If everything looks fine, click on the Finish Case button to finish creating your case.

##Adding content to a phase

  1. Navigate to your space.

  2. Click on the case you want to edit content.

  3. Click on Start Case or click on the phase you would like to edit from the phase list on the right side.

  4. Move your cursor to the top right side of the of the content right under the top grey bar. An edit button should appear.

  5. Click on the edit button.

  6. Make your changes or add content to the phase.

  7. When you feel satisfied with your changes click update content.

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