How-To Create a Peer Assessment


##Before you start

Before you create a peer assessment you will want to create a Team Set through the Team Manager.

##Create a assessment in your space

Peer assessment is a type of assignment in ThinkSpace. To create one:

  1. Enter your space and click on create assignment.

  2. Choose Peer Assessment when asked what type of assignment you want.

  3. Give your peer assessment a name and click on next.

  4. Choose whether you want to use the Michaelsen’s method (recommended) for your assessment or create a custom one.

  • If you choose Michaelsen’s method, All the options will be preselected for you. You can still change the amount of average points to distribute among the team members (the default is 10), the range of the scale, whether to use descriptors and whether you want students to assign different points to each member. You will also have preset comment instructions for the student to leave a positive and negative comment.

  • If you choose to do a Completely custom method, you have a few options for the quantitative section of your assessment.

    * **Categories** allows you to use questions or labels with their own scale so students can assess their team members based on specific categories or questions. You can customize the range for the scales.
    * **Balance points** gives the students a set number of points - based on the number of members in their team - to distribute amongst their peers. Choose an amount of points to be multiplied by the number of team members.
    * **Free scoring** is just a simple scale with no balancing and no categories. 
  1. The quantitative section takes care of the user comments settings. To give students a chance to leave their peers comments check Individual team member comments and add a comment. This will open up a text box where you can type in instructions or pose a question.

  2. Choose whether you want the comment the student leaves to be tagged as a constructive or positive comment (This will determine how the comment is presented to the student who is being assessed).

  3. Once you are finished with your assessment settings click next.

  4. Choose a date and time to release the assessment to your students.

    • The assessment will be hidden to the students before the chosen date.
  5. Choose a date and time for the assessment deadline.

  6. Add instructions to give you students some context and direction.

  7. Choose a Team Set to link this assessment to.

    • The assessment will use the teams within the team set to distribute the assessment. Once the assessment starts, any changes to the teams within the team set selected will not be reflected in the assessment so try to make all your team changes before you release the assessment.
  8. Click on the Next Step button.

  9. Check to make sure all the information looks correct.

    • Due to the technical challenges in creating an assessment you will not be able to edit an assessment after it has been created. We’re looking into solving this in the future.
  10. Click Finish Assessment to complete the creation process.

##After the assessment has been created

Once your students begin to submit their assessments you can review and release them through the Assessment Review section of the assignment. To access the assessment review you must do the following:

  1. Click on the assessment review tab in the top bar. Inside the assessment review you will see a list of all the teams taking the peer assessment you created.

  2. To expand each team and see the team members and their progress, click on the team name.

  3. Click on a team member to expand and display each of their assessments

  4. To edit a comment, click on the Edit button, make your changes and save by click the Update button.

  5. When you feel satisfied with a student’s review you can approve it to minimize and make the list smaller. You can also approve a whole team at once or the whole team set if you don’t want to go through each one. Students will get access to their assessment summary once you click Send Assessments.

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