How-To Create a Peer Review Phase


##Before you start
Before you create a peer review phase you will want to create a Team Set through the Team Manager.

Creating a Peer Review Phase

Peer review allows students to review each other’s work by leaving feedback. To create one:

  1. Create a case by clicking create case.

  2. Choose Case from the case type options.

  • Name your case.

  • Select assignment template.

  • Use an existing template phase or add your own.

  • Click on Edit Settings for the phase you want to use for peer review.

  • Scroll down to the Team-Based Learning section and check Enable team based.

  • Click on the drop down and choose Peer Review.

  • Select the team set you want to use.

  • Click on update settings.

  • Finish creating your case.

To learn more about how to use peer review to leave comments read our How to use peer review page.