How-To Invite People to Your Space


#Inviting users to a space

Users, whether students or teacher assistants, will bring your space to life. You can invite and manage your users using the Space Roster inside of your created space.

You can invite students to your users to a space in two ways:

  • Click on the Invite User button
  • Recommended if you are adding a single student.
  • Click on the Import Roster button
  • Recommended if you are adding an entire class roster.

If a user who is invited already has an account on ThinkSpace. They will automatically be added to the roster section. If they do not have an account they will stay in the Invitation section until they accept. You can resend an invitation or delete from the list.

You can set a user’s role by clicking on the drop down under the Role column.

  • Instructor: has full permissions. Usually designated to the instructor or co-instructor.

  • Teaching Assistant: Can only edit existing content. Cannot add or delete. Usually designated to a teacher’s assistant.

  • Student: Designated to a student. Can only interact with active cases.

Getting Started [For Instructors]