Organize the case dashboard


For large numbers of cases used in a semester we will need some organizing principle for the cases. The instructor should pick one from several. Here are a few, some taken from Moodle:

  • Alphabetical as we have now (default)
  • Weekly - cases are sorted by release date and the week is shown as a header as in
    Nov 21-Nov 28
    Case 1
    Case 2
    Nov 29 - Dec 6
  • Topical - Each case has a topic associated with it and the topic is shown as a header as in
    Radiation Principles
    Pressure Gradients
    I think the same tag organization used for resources might work well here. Within a topic the cases are sorted by release date.

These are the most common but there may be others.

Continue to optimize the dashboard for the navigation of homework needs (what’s due when and what’s “done”