PD-APM General Information



This is a general description of PD-APM. If you’d like a step-by-step guide on using certain features of PD-APM, head over to the How-To category.

The goal of the PD-APM project is to build, refine, and pilot an interactive online professional development system for algebra progress monitoring. The system includes modules that provide educators with the skills and background knowledge to administer and score three types of algebra progress monitoring measures.

Within PD-APM, there is the Professional Development hub, which gives teachers access to modules and pages to complete that explains the history behind PD-APM and the algebra progress monitoring measures developed by Anne Foegen, how to use various features within PD-APM, and includes hands-on practice in applying these measures within your classroom.

The Data Management hub organizes your courses and sections and gives you access to 4 different activities:

  • Roster Management
  • Manage your classroom. Add students to the roster, drop students, and edit student data such as first name, last name, grade, gender, ethnicity, and other various metadata.
  • Probe Management
  • This is where you can download forms, administer probes, and set scores for each student probe.
  • Progress Graphs
  • View graphs of your students’ progress on the algebra measures over time, including trends, goal lines, instructional changes, as well the ability to compare students against the class average.
  • Diagnostic Data
  • Here you can get a more granular view of student progress and determine what types of questions and skills the student or class as a whole are falling short or excelling at, in addition to noting the most common errors that the students are making.