Private chat between student and instructor


It seems like there needs to be a way for a student to ask questions while in the case. The question could be answered by any of the instructors. I thought of an Intercom-like capability. The problem is that instructors won’t always be sitting in chat. Office hours were the old way to do it so I am not suggesting that.

I think of lectures where I would never ask a question but I had them. That was because it was public. Texting would suffice but I don’t know how we could make it instructor friendly so the instructor isn’t inundated. Certainly sending a question to instructor and TAs would be very helpful.


Also sounds like a really good idea. This could be augmented with sockets to provide a live chat system that is archived as well (probably what you’re noting about Intercom-like). It may be worth expanding on this as a requirement to see what we would really need under the hood to make it work.


We will need to talk to faculty about what is non-intrusive and time-saving.


Use Case: I have students testing out the meteorology software and already have some interesting results. We have asked for a hypothesis and the student responses are very interesting. I doubt we would have known about them in a lecture situation. I feel this pull to be able to answer the student. I could do it in comments but that means logging in, drilling to comments for that student in that phase in the case.

I wonder if we could combine chat with comments in some way. Vicki has pointed out that there will be common questions so the comment library could be very useful here as well.

A special url would also simplify access. It could even be that student questions go to a common area for the teaching staff so they don’t have to navigate between cases and phases but the replies go back to the comments area for the correct case and phase.


If the discuss feature displayed the case and phase the student was in, the instructor would likely know what the question was about and could use those as tags to the comment library. Furthermore, when the instructor gave the reply the conversation could be entered as a comment for that student’s phase. What a great resource for exams!

Seems like the comments tool could be the interface for the student. If the student entered their own comment it could be routed to the instructors in this system.