Reporting status of case to instructor


I think instructors would really like a summary report about a case sent to their email (app?) on a schedule set by them. Imagine getting a report before class even in a flipped class. Being able to identify common misconceptions or confusions would really make class time valuable. An app would really get attention but I know the development issues with that.

On the technical side, a Rest API and browser plugin might be more doable in the near term.


I really like this idea. Could be a canned report that they could generate at anytime that could also be sent based on a schedule.

Do you mean a standalone application? Could you elaborate here?


I like this. Aside from being useful to the Instructor its also a way for us to keep them engaged and logging back in the system.


I was thinking of a mobile app or browser plugin but I just realized that browsers are moving way from that. We don’t want to get into a standalone app and not sure about supporting a mobile app either. There are probably other options.


What about something like what we have in PD-APM? PD-APM has a unique URL that can be generated for a progress graph for a student. It could be de-identified completely to support non-authenticated viewing, or if they sign in it could have expanded options. The page could be tailored for mobile viewing, so all they have to do is click a link.


That is even a better idea because the instructor could bookmark it without any additional technology and could check anytime rather than a prescribed time through email.


I am liking the link idea even better. I can imagine a space link which shows the status of students across the cases and a case link of the status of students across the phases. The latter case is where you could download the case data by clicking on a link.