Tracking student progress: timestamps (date and time)


It is a matter of time before faculty ask for tracking data both for monitoring students and research. This includes:

  • timestamp of each entry to case and phase
  • timestamp of submission of phase
  • others?

From just this timestamp data we can then compute total time in case, pattern of navigation between phases, number of times case is entered etc. These data may also be used for grade disputes etc.

I don’t think this is a high priority at this point but it would be good to be collecting these data now so longitudinal studies can be done in the future.


Just wanted to add weight to this one. We can guess at the completion time currently, but it may be inaccurate. I agree, we need an explicit timestamp for submission.

How would we handle team-related submissions? Is that marked for all students in the team, or just that X student on the team submitted at Y?


I think just record whoever did the submission and the time. No doubt there will be some argument at some point by a team member about who actually submitted. Might as well be ready.